Bakers Couches Pure Flax Linen (Professional Set)

2(TWO!) PIECES in the SET – Size is 26×34 inch & 26×23 inch.
STRONG SEAM on both sides of the baking couches

MADE in EUROPE – European Material for Baguette Pans, French Bread, Rolling Pins, Specialty Forms

OEKO-TEX® | STANDARD 100 – The linen fabric used in a Couche is in conformity with international standard Oeko-Tex® Standart 100

THIS is 100% ORGANIC (without chemical treatment) flax linen couche


Product description

  • 100% natural linen, Baker’s Couches with no chemical used, untreated, unbleached
  • Size: 26×34 & 26×23 Inches, large surface, you can bake several loaves at once
  • Don’t wash linen couche after baker, just let it cool down and clean the flour with your hands or dry rag
  • Apply dust with white flour or rice flour to prevent sticking
  • After the loaves have risen, allow them to cool, and easily remove them from the baking couches. Now you can enjoy delicious pastries

Note: The big couche is used for proofing of baguettes. The smaller couche is intended to cover dough during rising or proofing. It is also possible to use it as a proofing cloth for proofing of baguettes or long loafs from different types of flour. Couches are interchangeable.

Baker's couches:
26"x23" - $12.99
26"x34" - $14.99
33"x34" - $16.99

Baker's couches Set:
26"x34"&26"x23" - $24.99

Price Professional Baker's Couche
150cm x 70cm or 60inches x 28Inches - $34.00
100cm x 45cm or 39inches x 17.5Inches - $29.00